Transformational Event
San Diego CA 
March 27-30 2020
NOW is the time to have EVERYTHING.
Many times, the best decisions we make in life are made in the moment, aren't they?
We invite you to take a step toward the most transformative process you've ever experienced. 
This is THAT moment. Will you join us?
What Is MAGMA?
...and why is it so important to so many people?

This event is about creating deep lasting change in your life. 

You wouldn't have clicked this link if you didn't have something you wanted to change.

So let me ask you... What are you ready to transform?

When it comes down to it, the one thing that is holding all of us back from living to our greatest potential is almost always one of the same two things.

Have you guessed?

If you are thinking, of course, it’s: 


I'm sorry to tell you, that’s not it. Not even close.
In fact, the two things that hold 95% of us back are:

1. Fear of what others will think of us.
2. Fear we don't have what it takes.
When we eliminate those two things we become unstoppable. 
We become fearless enough to do whatever it takes.

So let me ask you another question, what is the one thing in life that is so worth achieving that you'll take the risk of venturing off into uncharted waters to seek it out?

Is it to develop the gifts you know you have inside, and touch as many lives as you can with those gifts?

Is it to break the fucking patterns of pain in your relationships and finally enjoy the enriching possibility of love?

Or is it to be the example of "walking the talk" to your children because you know they will follow in your footsteps?

So if you're reading these words right now, chances are you don't have it as good as it could get.

So what’s getting in the way FOR YOU?

Are you ready for that?
Need to see more to know for sure?
See how Kit works to change the lives at MAGMA events worldwide:
So you're curious now. 

You want to know: How can MAGMA help you?

MAGMA is a deeply transformative 4 day event designed to help you:

  • Illuminate: The barriers in your life that have held you back from embodying your ultimate brilliance. 
  • Dissolve: The limiting beliefs and ingrained programming that has kept you small for far too long. 
  • Inspire: Significant change and drive to begin to fiercely suck the juice of life and step into your full power. 
  •  Connect: With many other powerful healers and creators from around the world and build a strong and supportive network that will feel like your new family by the end of the event. 
Watch Joe describe his transformative MAGMA experience.
This Event Will Involve:
  •  Daily Forrest-Inspired Yoga and Ceremony Sessions in the mornings from 9am to 12pm.  (Bring yoga clothes, mat and props)
  •  Transformational process work from 1:30pm to 9pm
  •  Lots of personal contact with other highly magical beings. (Bring Vitamin C and immune boosting supplements!)
  •  Your full attention. (Please be prepared to be OFFLINE for the entire 4 days, connecting mainly with the people at the event. Let your loved ones know ahead of time.) 
What is MAGMA? It's a 4 day event by the Little Volcano that takes you from fear to freedom.
$1,000 - 4 Day Transformative Experience
Offer Valid from 11/29 - 12/2